Strawberry vegan cake

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I will present you the strawberry cake recipe again (yes excuse me it's the season) but in VEGAN version of nm_meiyee which is my favorite vegan account on Instagram, it proposes incredible vegan dessert recipes with a perfect presentation, these pictures are at the top. Every time I share these creations on my account, they are a success. She knew how to create a visual identity by these photos and especially by these creations.

In conclusion, I like her account too much, if you're vegan, it's an account to follow absolutely, she posts all the receipts of these creations.

His vegan strawberry cake is just visually stunning, especially it makes you want to, vegan pastry chefs are very imaginative, it impresses me.

Strawberry vegan cake recipe








I hope you like it. Now it's up to you. 

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