Ma sélection de cookies originaux


 Hello les gourmands,

Un cookie est un petit biscuit rond, originaire des États-Unis, fait avec des brisures ou pépites de chocolat, inventé en 1938 par les cuisinières américaines Ruth Graves Wakefield et Sue Brides.

Mes enfants sont fan des cookies , moi je suis moins fan mais j'adore en faire , on peut tellement s'éclater, il y'a de multitude de variantes de cookies.

Le cookie est devenu indispensable aux goûter des enfants, facile et rapide à faire.

J'ai décide de vous faire une sélection de recette classiques et originaux de cookies en anglais et en français.

Amourducake sélection de recette cookies

Recette en Anglais

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Wows

  • These Chocolate Wows are a delicious chocolate cookie recipe packed with plenty of peanut butter chips.  Watch the video showing you how to make this recipe, then scroll to the bottom of this post to print out the recipe to make at home.

Featuring coconut, pecans, cinnamon, chocolate, and oats – these cookies are thick, chewy, and so flavorful!


dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies 

It's of melty chocolate, chewy oats, and a sprinkle of sea salt, these dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies are guaranteed to be your new favorite cookie variety. They’re extra buttery and soft with slightly crisp edges and a touch of cinnamon and molasses for classic oatmeal cookie flavor. This cookie has it all!

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies are two of your favorite cookies rolled into one totally sinful dessert recipe that everyone will love!

White Chocolate Green Tea Matcha Cookies

These white chocolate green tea matcha cookies are made with matcha and white chocolate chunks. They are delicious, soft and chewy.

Soft-baked White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies using a secret ingredient to make them super soft. Recipe by

Raspberry Lemon Cookies - These raspberry lemon cookies are ultra soft and chewy - quick and easy to make and so tasty everyone loves them. One of the best cookies I've made!

Lemon Crackle Cookies


smores cookie chocolates

These cookies with cream cheese and mini chocolate chip simply melt in your mouth. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies are simple, light and delicious, my favorite cookie recipe.

These cookies with cream cheese and mini chocolate chip simply melt in your mouth. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies  are simple, light and delicious, my favorite cookie recipe. 

Recettes en français

biscuits américains

Recette cookies brownies au chocolat americains





J'espère que cela te plait. Maintenant à toi de jouer. 

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