Banana bread extra soft with only one egg


Hello, my foodies,

I come back with a new recipe for extra soft banana bread, I still have some bananas that ripened quickly, I absolutely had to eat them so I decided to make a banana bread.

It's a very simple recipe, so delicious. I don't like bananas especially when they are very ripe, the smell disgusts me but I love this cake too much, weird, don't you think?

The riper the banana, the better the banana bread.

The motto was respected, a simplequick and delicious recipe. À You be the judge, I'm confident.


  • Simple made with very few ingredients,
  • Fast, can be done in less than an hour (preparation and cooking).
  • Perfect for children
  • Can be made in a bakery workshop with the children.
  • Cheap to make.
  • Delicious, sweet just right. 





  • To have a well rounded cake with a nice bump thanks to a crack obtained with a thermal shock and a technique that consists in putting a horizontal line of butter ointment (I use oil that works as well) in the middle of the dough on the whole length of the dough .
  • Put your cake in the oven horizontally to get a nice bump.
  • This recipe can be made without egg. I haven't tested it yet but normally it's good, just let it cool down well.

  • Leave it to cool for 5 minutes, then remove it from its mould, wrap it in cling film to keep it soft and leave it to cool for at least 1 hour, ideally 2 hours.


 My tips for extra moist cake

Utensils required :




    Measure if you want to make this recipe a plain yogurt.

    I use my 125gr yoghurt pot as a unit of measure. 

    I use a 20 cm mould

    For moulds from 20 to 25 cm

    • 2 or 3 ripe bananas
    • 1 Yoghurt or Greek yoghurt 125 gr
    • 1 medium egg
    • Flour 200 gr
    • 75 gr of sugar
    • 1/2 Sunflower oil jar 65 ml
    • 1 half sachet of baking powder 7 gr
    • 1 tablespoon of fresh cream


      1. Pour the yoghurt into a bowl and keep the jar to measure the other ingredients (oil). Mash the banana with a fork.
      2. Add the oil, eggs, sugar and mix.
      3. Add the mashed banana and mix.
      4.  Mix flour and baking powder together
      5. Add the flour and baking powder mixture to the rest of the mixture. 
      6. Mix with a maryse (a plastic spatula with a flat end) or with a whisk gently until a homogeneous dough is obtained, leaving a little flour visible and helping to obtain a soft cake.
      7. Add the crème fraiche to the preparation.
      8. Line the pan with baking paper and pour the dough into it. 
      9. Make a thin horizontal line of ointment butter or oil (I use oil that works just as well) in the middle of the dough in the pan along the entire length of the dough to have a nice bump. To make this line, I use the tip of a knife to draw the line then I take a teaspoon where I put a little oil and I iron with my spoon on the line made with the knife to put the oil in the hollow created by the tip of the knife. I hope you understood my explications😉.
      10. Bake at 180°C for about 40 minutes. Watch the baking by pushing the tip of a knife into the middle of the cake: if it comes out clean, it's cooked! Adjust the baking according to your oven.
      11. Leave it to cool for 5 min, then remove it from its mould and wrap it in cling film to keep it soft.
      12. Let it cool for at least an hour.


      I hope you like it. Now it's up to you. 

      Tag us on instagram amourducake if you made this recipe.

      Leave me a comment, I'd love to!! 😘😘

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