Cactus cake by Maison_olivia

Hello my foodies,

Recently I published a video on Instagram , from the tutorial Cactus cake of maison_olivia which has been a craze it is understandable because this cake is incredible, if you don't know it's a cake, the optical illusion is perfect.

I have a particular attraction for cactus cakes or even cupcakes, I am impressed by the perfection of the optical illusion by the shape, by the combination of colours.

Anyone who wants to learn how to make this cake, I share with you the youtube video of maison_olivia subtitled in several languages including French and English.

Find the video below

Recipe Cactus cake  


Chocolate sponge cake

  • Egg 150g ( about 3 eggs )
  • Sugar 90g
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • Cake flour 75g ( Flour with baking powder already incorporated)
  • Cocoa powder 15g
  • Unsalted butter 20g
  • Milk 15g

Butter cream

  • Unsalted butter 450g
  • Egg white 150g
  • Sugar 180g 

Video link of his recipe for genoise and buttercream  



    I hope you like it. Now it's up to you.

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