Fluffy japanese cheesecake

Hello my foodies,

Recipe that I have shared in a story that intrigues me a lot and that I wish so much to make, it is the fluffy japanese cheesecake in French and English as always.

I want to make this cheesecake but it's a recipe that seems simple to make but it's not so I'm going to make it one day when I'm alone without children to succeed in my challenge, yes it's a challenge 😉.

I'm gonna share some tips I found on how not to miss that famous fluffy japanese cheesecake.

At the moment, I have a love for Japanese and Korean pastries, yes I know who cares but I had to say it 😂😂




  • Why isn't my Japanese cheesecake soft?
If the cake cracks, the cake will deflate, the crack will close.
Use fruit to hide this crack, for example red fruit.
  • Why is my Japanese cheesecake dense?

Over- or underbeaten egg whites can be a problem. In addition, if you fold the beaten egg whites with the wrong technique, their air bubbles will be deflated, preventing the cake from rising and developing its softness.

Ingredients and instructions:



Here's the recipe for the fuffly japanese cheesecake you know all about. 
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