Madeleine easy recipe with or without butter

Recipe in english here
Hello my foodies,
It's been a while since I posted new recipes, I needed a rest.
So I rested a little, but it's never enough lol.
I wanted to thank you for the enthusiasm around my new concept in story Instagram, the Amourducake quizz, we have an incredible participation rate, thank you for being so receptive.
I try to innovate in what I propose on Instagram, I express myself more in story than on my feed because I want to keep this Amourducake DNA on my feed and not spread myself too thin.
So today, I come to share with you my madeleine recipe with an incredible bump like a real madeleine.
A French pastry that we all ate as kids and it's so good. A classic for the French.
I've already made this recipe with or without butter, I replaced it with sunflower oil. The result was very good and you get very soft madeleines.
I'll give you my tips on how to get bumpy madeleines, it's not that easy lol.


  • Easy and quick to achieve.
  • Made with simple ingredients.
  • Cheap to make.
  • Perfect for snacks, breakfast...
  • Can be flavoured or garnished to your taste.
  • So delicious 


  • After placing your madeleines in your mould, put your dough in the freezer for 10 minutes, this will create a thermal shock which will help the dent to grow. Repeat this for each round 
  • Arrange your pan horizontally so that the dough creaks in the middle. The dent results from a cracking of the dough if you put your dough vertically, the cracking (or crack) will be on the side and not in the middle.


Utensils required :


For about 22 Madeleines

  •  2 large or 3 medium eggs
  • 130gr flour type 45 
  • 110gr of sugar
  • 1/2 sachet of baking powder
  • 140gr butter or 110 ml oil 
  • chocolate chips, sugar chips, ETC... 


  1. Melt the butter and set it aside. If you make the recipe without butter, delete this step.
  2.  Beat the eggs lightly into an omelette. Add the flour, baking powder and sugar.
  3. Mix well to avoid lumps, then add the melted butter or oil.
  4. Mix vigorously to obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste.
  5.  Pour the dough into the imprints and you can flavour or garnish with chocolate chips or whatever you like. 
  6. For each batch, place your mould with the dough in the freezer for 10 minutes. 
  7. Bake at 240° for 4 minutes, then at 180° for 4 to 6 minutes depending on your oven.
  8. Feast your eyes!


I hope you like it. Now it's up to you. 

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