Lemon cake by Koko Sakuro

Lemon Citron : Mix two types of cheese and condensed milk to have a delicious cake By ko~ko


lemon cake by yuri diari

Picture by yuri diary

Hey, greedy people,

Today, I finally come to with the most popular recipe on my instagram, which is the recipe for Koko sakuro's lemon cake that has had great success on Instagram. I took some time to share this recipe because the recipe was Japanese so I had to translate it, it was very difficult but we managed.

Picture by Weeeek


INGREDIENTS (21.5㎝ Pound Model)


 Citron´s Ingredients

  • Lemon´s Peel:    1
  • Lemon Juice:      12 g
  • Weak Flour :        110 g
  • Almond Powder:  20 g
  • Baking Powder:    2 g
  • Sour Cream :       30 g
  • Cream Cheese(Sour Cream):  20 g
  • Condensed Milk : 8 g
  • Vanilla Beans : 1/2 Beans
  • Eggs :               Two eggs per liter
  • granulated sugar: 120 g
  • Butter :                  80 g

 Glass Arrow

  • Lemon Juice : 20 g
  • Powdered Sugar(With oligosaccharide: 115 g
  • Condensed Milk :  5 g


How to Make it

1.-Prepare an aluminum that will prevent the mix to stick to the walls. A cooking sheet it´s okay as well.

2.- Wash the lemon clean removing the moisture, remove the peel while squeezing the juice out as well (It would be better to prepare to lemons in advance)

3.- Mix the weak flour, powder and baking powder together energetically.

4.- Put in the bowl the two types of cheese, lemon peel and the vanilla beans and melt them while pouring hot water on them.

5.- After melting the ingredients in step 4 add the condensed milk and the dried peel.

6.- Let the butter melt on the same mix. Begin heating the oven at 170℃。

7.- Put the eggs, Granulated sugar into the bowl add about half the mix, and mix it until you see bubbles coming out (Don´t add hot water)

8.-Mix it again while adding the flour once again. (It´s okay even if a little flour is left)

9.- Add the butter once again to the cheese bowl warming it with hot water. (Please make sure not to forget this step)

10.- Mix two balls of cheese into the mix of step 8, mix them then go back to step 8.

11.- Moving on add the hot butter as well, then mix it until it´s added neatly. (This can take some time)

12.- Mix for about 1-2 minutes until it becomes glossy。

13.- Put it into the recipient. If you made it in the same shape it should fit in perfectly. (It may be not properly mixed in many places but there is no need to worry. Put the rest of the mix into a cup.)

14.-After venting out put it into the 170℃ oven and let it bake for 35-40 minutes. (The baking time may differ to each house)

15.-After the heat from baking has gone turn the recipient upside down and take it´s contents out to let it cool down. (If still warm it´s easier for it to fall apart so do be careful)

16.-Let´s make the Glass arrow. Let the Lemon juice and the flour into a small cup and mix it well. Finally put in the condensed milk and mix it lightly. (Take a 24-hour process as reference)

17.-First move the cake to the cooking sheet, then use the curd to lightly paint the glass arrow´s lower side.

18.- Spread the remaining mix on from the top of the cake. After spreading it and while avoiding touching the surface use the curd to prepare the rest of the surface.

19.- Before letting it harden put Pistachios to your liking. The Glass Arrow should be removed at this point. (It should take about 1-hour before it hardens)

20.- Insert a knife until the lower part of the batter, put in a little strength to take the burned parts from the surface starting from the left side.


21.-. On this image we put in on a cake cooler to add the glass arrow, however, how to take it out after this becomes a problem.

22.-And it´s done. 

23.- My recipe I done with strawberry and chocolate.

24.- *The powdered sugar I used had a 3% oligosaccharide per Kg.


Handy Tips

If you forget to do step 9 properly and end baking, it that way the cheese and butter will be left without mixing properly. Take caution.
When adding the glass arrow, we used aluminum in step 19, however when spreading over a cooking sheet it becomes harder to remove the burned parts.

The Development of this Recipe

I don´t if it´s because that person asked for me to bake it every day (Ehehe); It took some time but it ended becoming quite a nice cake.



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